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Simply put, we are ‘THE” window tinting for house residence in Cheras. Our skilled window tinting contractors are extremely knowledgeable and only use quality product window tinting materials, and equipment to give the professional-looking and long-lasting job. Our experienced crew will do a great and never be lazy or cut corners. Lastly, after the job is done, we will do cleaning up. You will find our crew capable of producing world-class results.

​Our value is about integrity, capability, and trust. You need to deal with a nearby window tinting business that is honest, and knowledgeable. Trust me, you do not want just anyone tinting windows in your home. This is why our workmanship is the best. If you are unsure of colours or tint types, we are able to assist you to choose and coordinate colours that suit your needs. We have a wide range of colours you can choose from.

​By our crew is experienced, they will cover all corners of the window. When we tint the windows in your home, we will clean up and dispose of all trash after work. Our objective is to make our client life easy if you do it yourself can result in low quality and wrong material apply. If you want to add style to your home with cool window tinting, turn to IHomeShield Window Tinting.

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We help you tint the windows in your home for Malaysia weather, from adding appeal to reducing the need for using your AC, trust IHomeShield Window Tinting as the leading window tinting provider. With every home, we are committed to providing quality work and professional service. Whether you need residential window tinting, we get the job done. We will do the project if it is a small or large window tinting home, we will give you superior service that you will be pleased with regardless of the size of your properties.

The extreme heat in Malaysia can attack the integrity and look of your home, turning potential clients away and reducing the property value. Our satisfied customers include some of the finest homes in the Cheras, Selangor area.

When done right, window tinting can help preserve your Cheras, Selangor residential or commercial property by protecting its furnishings from getting damaged by strong and harmful Malaysia weather. At IHomeShield Window Tinting, we help you create the quality results you have come to expect from us. A good window tinting job not only means beauty and elegance, but it also does so much more.

Affordable Pricing for your Home Residence


If you are wondering how much window tint costs, our affordable window tint prices are unmatched by any of our competitors. Let us help you protect your investment and TNB bill. We give your property the expected appeal it deserves. If you want a Cheras window tinting company that will put its expertise to work for you, Get a quote from us now

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